Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Beginners Course

Price: $139.95
Duration: 1 hour.


Course Outline:

Introduction to Cryptocurrency – What is Bitcoin & what is Blockchain?

Wallets – Which one to choose? What is cold storage, a paper wallet, and a web wallet?

Storage – How to safely store your cryptocurrency.

Security – Setting up recovery keys & authenticator apps.

Crypto currencies & Taxes – What’s the story?


This package includes an additional 20 minutes of phone time, to help assist, if you have any further questions after the course. This is deducted in 5 minute increments.

To register, call/text +1-514-447-7991 or email

Private consultations, including phone & texting access are $150 per hour.

* $90.00 per hour if you have taken one of our courses previously.


About our Montreal Bitcoin Center

Crypto Club Montreal is proud to announce our live in-person Bitcoin seminars and classes.

Crypto Club Montreal was founded in 2014 and was the first dedicated Bitcoin information centre for Montreal. We have taught hundreds of people about this fascinating topic!

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