Montreal Bitcoin Center

Crypto Club Montreal is the only place in Canada dedicated to educate the public, promote Bitcoin, and host the local Bitcoin community. In other words, we are THE place for Bitcoin! We have a strong following in the Montreal Bitcoin community and our events often feature and are attended by prominent figures in the Bitcoin world. But this is not enough. We will not rest until every man, woman, and child has a Bitcoin wallet and is transacting in Bitcoin!

We are the premier name in Bitcoin in Montreal. Located at 5120 Avenue de Courtrai, Suite #101, in Montreal where we’ve created a place where people can walk in and learn about Bitcoin at any time.

The Bitcoin Center is open 5 days a week to enlighten the world of Bitcoin to whoever walks in through our doors! Our staff can provide an overview of Bitcoin on the spot or register guests for our comprehensive Bitcoin courses, offering everything from a basic “101” to expert level topics all taught by our enthusiastic Bitcoin/Blockchain expert.

We are also proud to serve as an incubator for Bitcoin startups; providing valuable business experience, networking opportunities, and access to interested investors. In addition, our staff is on hand to provide their Bitcoin and marketing expertise to these budding companies. Our communications team is always available to answer any press questions about Bitcoin.

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